We welcome Transylvania University, Turnaround Resource Center, and Guthrie Opportunity Center Foundation to our family of clients.

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Grant Writing & Editing

We can assist in identification and pre-screening of grant sources, drafting proposals, or coaching staff and board on strategies for advocating and winning support.

It has been said grant professionals change the world one grant at a time. At Ashley | Rountree, we know this to be true. Our team of grant professionals help organizations we serve articulate visions that result in making the world a better place.

On Grants

Grant professionals strengthen nonprofits every single day. Operating a successful, sustainable nonprofit is not an easy task. It takes time and due diligence, and the equation for long-term sustainability most typically involves a strong and robust grants program. The problem many nonprofits have is simply not having the internal capacity to identify, seek and then apply for qualified grant opportunities, much less manage the stewardship of those grants once awarded. This can result in missing out on thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars! We are here to help.

The Ashley | Rountree grants division has over 100 years of combined grant writing and grant management experience and is solely dedicated to working directly with our clients to maximize grant support. Not only do we identify the right grant opportunities for nonprofits, but we have capacity to write the proposals, submit them, and then assist with the management and reporting piece of the work.

Each of our grant professionals possesses their own unique set of competencies in the following areas: Analytical, Problem-Solving, Program Design, Technical Skills, Customer Service, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Ethics, Intuition, Quality Management, and Teamwork.

Overall, it’s the objective of our grants division to help each client develop the internal knowledge they need to be successful with grants. This includes partnership cultivation, an in-depth knowledge of grantmaking institutions, and instruction on how to become and remain a grant-ready organization. Our goal is to provide expertise that results in securing funds for your nonprofit.

There is no denying a well-managed grants program improves and supports capacity building throughout organizations. Our grants division customizes the best grant resources for the client depending on their most pressing needs. We have the expertise to assist with grant writing, data collection, program design, grants database management, foundation searches, and much more. Our grants team draws from a deep bench of experience, all with successful track records securing grants, managing grant-giving programs, and serving as grant reviewers.

Grant Writing

Send Paula Swope an email today pswope@ashleyrountree.com or give her a call at 502-244-5835 to see how the Ashley | Rountree team can help take your grants program to the next level!