What Are You Missing?

Missed fundraising goals.  Missed grant funding.  Missed candidates for key roles.  Missed strategic objectives.  Missed opportunities.  They can all hold you back from fulfilling your mission.  You and your stakeholders deserve more.

Make the Most of Your Mission
with Ashley|Rountree

A Bigger Bank

Get more productive capital campaigns.  More robust fundraising and development.  More access to grants — and more success winning them.  All from a team of experts.

A Deeper Bench

Get the right people in every seat on the bus.  From executive and development searches to interim staffing and executive coaching, we fill your roster with high performers.

A Clearer Focus

We guide you through rough waters, with strategic planning that get real results.  Partnerships and alliances that expand your capabilities.  And mergers that make sense.

We Don’t Make Claims. 
We Make a Difference.

Nearly 25 years of experience.  Hundreds of nonprofits helped.  Hundreds of positions filled.  Thousands of opportunities uncovered.  Millions of dollars raised.  Team members who have worked in nonprofit sectors. All in the service of making the world a better place.

A Process
That Works.

Pre-PlanningSetting clear goals and priorities
DiscoveryThe deep dive into the challenge
AnalysisFinding potential ways forward
StrategyA specific action plan to follow
ExecutionHelping put the plan into action

Sustainable Growth for Nonprofits

Ashley|Rountree and Associates is the region’s leading consultant for nonprofit organizations. We are committed to cultivating philanthropy and helping the communities we serve become a better place for all.

Rather than create clients who are dependent on our expertise, we work to build your capabilities from within, helping you develop the internal resources to reach your goals and sustain future growth.

Working closely with you and your community, we help you transform dreams into achievements and dedicated donors into champions for change.