what is immerse?

IMMERSE is an intensive, full-day workshop designed for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in proven marketing strategies and leading edge ideas to help their companies grow.

IMMERSE is where marketing principles and practical application meet. Every minute of an IMMERSE event is devoted to real-world marketing tactics and hands-on exercises. You'll hear about the best ways to use old and new media, how to build or strengthen your brand, and how to combine the two in ways that bring you more business.

Then you'll roll up your sleeves and work on specific ways you can apply those ideas to your unique business situation. And to help you implement new strategies, you'll leave with an armful of marketing and media resources.

IMMERSE is a marketing workshop like no other — a day devoted entirely to helping you build your brand and your business.

who is immerse for?

IMMERSE is for business owners and marketing managers. For-profits and non-profits. The experienced marketer looking to refresh your skills and gather new ideas, and the new marketer who needs to get up to speed quickly. It's for anyone who needs to grow an organization, and is willing to invest a single day to work on nothing else.