Richer data for smarter talent decisions.
Get an exclusive 360° view of every candidate before you decide.
Better Hires.
Smarter Promotions.
Stronger Teams.
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Toxic teams and chronic turnover take a toll.

New hires who turn out to be a bad fit. Newly promoted managers who underperform. Teams that never gel. They all cost time, money and productivity. They’re exhausting, too. But they don’t have to happen.

Have more confidence in every talent decision.

The best hires.

Standard interviews and assessments only go so far. Get richer data on every candidate for more informed hires.

Perfect promotions.

Past performance is no guarantee of future success. Know whether a manager is likely to succeed before you promote them.

Tighter teams.

Team building is like a recipe; every ingredient matters. See who’s likely to work well from the very start.

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We Know That Better Choices Let You Replace HR Stress With HR Success.

Four integrated tools.

True 360° assessment.

Dozens of data-driven insights.

Decreased turnover.

Higher engagement.

Increased productivity.

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Choosing the perfect person: the process

Online Assessment

Expert Analysis

Detailed Reporting

Reliable Results

It’s Not A Crystal Ball. But It’s Close.

We’ve all watched a candidate who shone during interviews perform poorly in the position. Even with exhaustive background checks, extensive screenings and multiple interviews, the candidate you choose can still end up being a bad fit for the position, the promotion or the team you’re trying to fill.

But what if you could fill in the unseen gaps that are the best predictors of performance? What if, when you had two nearly identical finalists for a position or promotion, you could identify the subtle cues and hidden tendencies that reveal the right choice.

That’s the secret and the science behind Louisville-based Insyte360. We’ve integrated a specific array of online assessment tools that reveal a rich variety of variables, going far beyond strengths and weaknesses to passion and purpose, communication style and energy level, temperament and motivation.

We review that data to see what the unique combination of insights from multiple sources reveals about the candidate you’re considering. Then we provide expert analysis and informed recommendations to help you get the most from the data and reach the best decision. In other words, we take nearly all of the guesswork out of the personnel process.

Do you have two close finalists for the same management position? Two or more candidates under consideration for promotion? A team you’re trying to assemble for an important initiative? Insyte360 can help you quickly and easily understand who is most likely to succeed, saving you time, money and stress.

Why wait? Call Insyte360 at (502) 333-4402 today to find out how we can take the uncertainty out of your next important personnel decision.