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Strategic Planning

A strong strategic plan is essential to the success of your organization. At Ashley | Rountree, we take an interactive approach that helps shape your organization’s vision, mission, and values.

Early in the planning process, we seek to articulate the connections between the greater organizational mission and your specific goals in fundraising, communications, sustainability and constituent relations. Strong external relationships are essential for the success of your organization, so we work with your staff, board, donors and volunteers to develop a compelling strategy and vision that focuses, motivates and energizes stakeholders.

Overall, we help develop a clear strategic plan that signals to current and potential stakeholders that your organization has looked at itself and identified the best way to serve clients and the community — guiding staff, board, donors, volunteers and community stakeholders with the creation of a comprehensive plan that transforms your mission into reality.

Strategic Planning Process

Case Studies

Seven Counties Services (Louisville, KY)

Seven Counties Services was founded in 1978 to build healthy communities by helping individuals and families affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities, addictions and abuse realize their potential. It serves as the state-designated regional behavioral health and developmental services center for the core seven counties of Metro Louisville.  It is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Kentucky, with 1,400 employees assisted by more than 400 volunteers, all serving about 32,000 people annually.

In 2007 the staff and board reached out to Ashley | Rountree for expert guidance in strategic planning, asking us to create and guide a board retreat process that would result in a new multi-year plan for the entire organization. As one of the largest nonprofits in the state with a staff that includes several of the region’s most respected administrators, Seven Counties leaders realized that they needed unbiased assistance to assure that the planning process was open, thorough and responsive to long-term needs of the region. 

This activity also needed to examine fundraising or advancement plans in order to insure that funding was balanced.  Ashley | Rountree designed a comprehensive 2-day planning retreat that took in mission, vision, situational and SWOT analyses, and programmatic/funding implications.

The process moved into specific strategies and action steps, followed by creation of a planning task force that implemented the recommendations. As a result, Seven Counties successfully and smoothly navigated a significant transition in its top leadership — a process assisted in great measure by the early planning efforts.

Steve Moss, Board Chair for Seven Counties, recalls, “the task of developing a strategic plan was daunting, but with the help of Jeff Ashley and Chris Stevenson, we conducted two all-day retreats that helped us really drill down into the process. With what we learned, the board and the staff are now a well-oiled machine. The staff has taken ownership and we have a document that serves as a lighthouse in the navigation of difficult times.”