We welcome Transylvania University, Turnaround Resource Center, and Guthrie Opportunity Center Foundation to our family of clients.

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Client List by Sector

Arts & Culture

Whether conserving the natural world that surrounds us, entrancing us through the visual arts or dazzling us through performing arts, these organizations enrich our lives and liven our communities. Ashley | Rountree invigorates the arts and cultural organizations we serve by orchestrating robust customized fundraising and management solutions.


While the services offered by health care providers have never been more essential, the economic environment in which they provide those services has rarely been so uncertain. At Ashley | Rountree, we partner with hospitals, hospices and health care-related programs to help them grow their philanthropic resources and strengthen volunteer leadership.

Religion & Faith

So often, a community is shaped by the spiritual character of its people, churches and organizations. At Ashley | Rountree , we partner with a wide array of faith-based groups to assist in planning and managing fundraising campaigns, either for special capital projects or to enhance ongoing stewardship.

Higher Education

Our team has extensive expertise in college and university philanthropy and advancement. We are committed to providing comprehensive services in major gifts, annual fund, alumni affairs and community relations.

We understand the challenges you face.

The traditional paradigm of American higher education is rapidly changing. Today’s campus leaders increasingly face mounting issues of adaptability and sustainability as they attempt to adjust their campuses to new and emerging realities. Adapting to those new realities sometimes require assistance from highly experienced and objective external professionals who understand those challenges and have demonstrated success in meeting them.

That’s where we can help you.

Ashley | Rountree and Associates is committed to helping you preserve your institution’s vital mission and its impact upon the world in an ever-changing academic landscape. We recognize that enhanced financial resources, good governance, inspired strategic direction, and administrative best practices each contribute to organizational sustainability at a time where existential threats are real. Sometimes this requires deep organizational change. Such change is often best facilitated through objective, outside counsel.

What we bring to the table.

Every college and university is unique. Because true organizational change must account for the features that make your institution different from all the others, we do not employ “cookie-cutter” or template solutions in addressing your challenges. We tailor our services to your particular needs and goals after first obtaining a full understanding of what makes your college different. These challenges now facing our nation’s colleges and universities are most acute in the small, independent college sector. Our services are predominantly focused on behalf of this important group of institutions because of their singular role in American higher education, and the need to reinforce their vital mission to society at large. The professionals at Ashley | Rountree and Associates enjoy extensive successful experience working in this sector and share your commitment to the independent college sector’s sustainability. And because of our creative organizational structure and low operational overhead, we offer attractive affordability to our clients.

Human Services

The tireless organizations which devote themselves to meeting the physical and emotional needs of those they serve are crucial to the health of our communities. The team at Ashley | Rountree leads fundraising efforts for community-based organizations which provide essential services to improve the quality of life for those who need a helping hand.

Historic Preservation

Those organizations who capture and preserve our history and heritage provide our communities with a clear picture of our past on which a vision for the future can be built. The team at Ashley | Rountree creates fundraising and management solutions for preserving our priceless historic resources.

K-12 Education

As private elementary and high schools provide our young people with a foundation for success, they need to secure their own stability and growth as well. Ashley | Rountree works with these schools in building effective fundraising programs to protect and enhance critical educational opportunities for children.

Civic Affairs

It takes a range of organizations, from committed government agencies to passionate business associations, foundations and more, to create and maintain a thriving community. Ashley | Rountree works in partnership with leaders in state and local government, foundations and business organizations to grow and nurture great places to live and work.

Zoos & Parks

Our outdoor spaces and the varieties of life which inhabit them are a precious resource for any community and an oasis in a fast-paced world. Ashley | Rountree provides fundraising solutions for zoos, parks and organizations committed to protecting these unique natural resources for future generations.